FIFA coins are like a virtual currency in the FIFA game, used to purchase different packs, items, or FIFA cards from the FIFA store. FIFA coins are also used to pay for FIFA ultimate team entries in different modes. You will need a bundle of coins for strategizing and bidding in the game. Earning coins in FIFA is not that easy, and if you are a new player, then it can become more difficult for you to earn fifa coins. So here, we will discuss some ways to help you earn FIFA coins.

Different Ways to Earn FIFA Coins

• Play Different FIFA Modes

You can earn a good number of coins by playing matches for a week in different FIFA modes like squad battles and division rivals. If you play around 5 to 10 matches in a week in these modes, you can earn many coins and some packets. Even if you are a new player or not a good player in FIFA, you can still earn some coins by simply playing and moving up in the ranks. You can also sell your packs if you want to earn more coins.

• Keep Looking for Free Packs

If you have a Twitch Prime, Amazon, or Play Station Plus subscription, you will be eligible to get free packs. EA drops many free packs for the players after collaborating with different companies. You should keep looking for free packs because the packs contain some good players you can sell to earn coins. You will see these free packs on different occasions or intervals.

• Getting Coin Boosts

Coin boosts multiply the coins you get after participating in the FIFA Ultimate Team match. You receive 750 coins when you win a match, but when you use coin boosts, it increases the coins between 1200 to 2000 coins. But you can only use these coin boosts if you complete the objectives given in the game. So, you should always keep looking for the objectives in the game and try to complete them to earn more coins. To use the coin boosts, you must regularly play the FIFA Ultimate Team mode and complete its objectives.

• Buying Bronze & Silver Packs from the Store

In the game’s store section, go to classic packs and buy bronze and silver packs. Try to buy as many bronze or silver packs as possible. You can get some good players, kits, or badges in the packs. You can list all those players, badges, or kits in the market and sell them to earn a good number of coins. Like a bronze pack cost around 750 coins but good players in that pack sells for more than a thousand coins. So, by doing this, you can get a good ROI on your coins.


So, if you’re a FIFA fan looking to earn more coins in the game to buy new players of your choice, kits, badges, or unlock new modes, then all the above-mentioned tips and tricks can help you earn more coins. FIFA coins are essential in the game if you are looking to experience new features in the game.

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