A farming device that can harvest various grain crops is what we refer to as a combine harvester. Corn, oats, rice, barley, and other crops can all be harvested, threshed, and winnowed by the machine in one step. This method can reduce labor costs, time, and money — maybe a reason for the combine harvester price hike recently. The machine boosts agricultural output since it offers effective harvesting, which makes farming more advantageous and lucrative.

For farmers and merchants in the agricultural sector who are yet to get their combine harvester, it’s very advisable to get one as quickly as possible. This article will highlight the reasons why the price of the equipment differs and the benefits all at once. So, let’s dive in!

5 Factors That Affects The Cost Of A Combine Harvester

We could refer to them as the advantages or the edge the combine harvester has over other farming aids.

Cost effectiveness

The amount of labor needed is significantly decreased with the arrival of a combine harvester. The harvester only needs a driver to move it around the land. The crop is chopped and carried into the harvester. The grain and stalk are then separated, and the collected grain is put into a grain tank for storage. As there is no need to engage laborers for harvesting operations, this might help the farmer save a lot of money.


The ability to save time is another of the main benefits of employing a combine harvester. Harvesting tasks can be completed more quickly, giving farmers more time for other useful tasks. When harvesting must be completed immediately, these time savings might be quite helpful.

Multi-purpose functionality

All types of crops can be harvested using a harvester once it has been acquired for use and making adjustments to the parameters is all that is required. The high purchase of the machinery still enables the farmer to harvest any crop, including wheat, soybean, corn, oats, canola, sunflower, and rye. The farmer will really benefit from this and at the end of the day make profit on the cost price of the equipment.

High productivity

By improving the yield, the harvester aids the farmer in increasing productivity. This occurs because using a harvester results in more grain being collected and more efficiently harvested crops.

There is also a good tendency of high returns despite the cost invested in getting the combine harvester. With time saved, good quality products and better yield, the farmer can have a guarantee of planting the next season.

Quality maintenance

One of the functions of the harvester is to ensure that there are no problems with the crops. Problems such as broken or cracked cobs can be avoided by the harvester, hence there’s better reaping and threshing quality. Customers get to patronize the farmer’s crops and revenue is generated based on the quality maintenance levels assured.


All of the factors listed contribute to the combine harvester price hike in different regions. Their benefits are enormous and for an average farmer, the multiple advantages will do good in increasing profitability.

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