Disadvantages of the 6.0L Powerstroke EGR delete

A typical 6.0L engine recirculates exhaust gases via the system to improve the vehicle’s efficiency. It’s a process that cools exhaust gases to become helpful in a combustion chain. It’s common for exhaust gasses to stay in your engine, causing two disadvantages. The oil can foul because of less efficient circulation, and the engine becomes hotter instead of cold. Ford owners opt to replace the affected valve rather than the EGR delete.

It can be illegal in your area

The United States federal law doesn’t allow 6.0 egr delete installation on any diesel engine. All vehicles must exceed or meet the emission standards set by the authorities. If you go for an inspection with the kit present, you will pay huge fines. The main reason why the law prohibits this option is that your vehicle no longer filters particulates from the system as it operates. Despite getting more acceleration and power, your engine pollution increases rapidly.

EGR delete will not solve all the performance problems 

The EGR valve can get stuck in an open position due to soot collected in the system. The deletes kit will not help solve the issue. When the engine is in such a situation, you will note that it starts to struggle in the starting process. It may also lack engagement during idling time. When you notice performance problems while stopped or at low speeds, your kit won’t solve the situation.

You won’t escape the abrupt emission tests

If you have any planned emission test, you have to remove the kit to pass the test and reinstall it later. Washington state is halting the emission check programs. It means that vehicles won’t have tests until renewing registration. The latest designs with low emissions that are erupting are bringing the abrupt emission tests to an end.

It affects the general horsepower rating 

The kit works well with the old diesel engines. Some engines struggle with this option, reducing the air available for the combustion chain. It adversely affects the daily horsepower you get. It’s always good to engage with an expert who knows how to install the kit. It will not affect your drive in some situations.

It may not be the best option for your vehicle

Installing the EGR kit on your engine creates the same result as a blocked valve. If you don’t know your specific ford vehicle cost, you have the option of keeping the valve. Allow it to collect soot-like arteries collecting plaque. When enough bad stuff goes through, it creates a blockage that improves performance. It’s possible to dislodge the soot. It’s advisable to install the kit and remove the blockage to boost performance.

It makes some engines block

The kit causes the engine check light to appear on the HUD on your dashboard. It’s unusual for the engine to knock when the mode is complete. Your engine condition starts to disintegrate when you use inferior mom.

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